Fallen Gods

Silver Unicorn is Situated,
In Ghent Belgium

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About Silver Unicorn

Silver Unicorn is an indie game developer situates at Ghent Belgium. We are developing graphics and scripts for the Unity game engine. But we also working on our own game project Fallen Gods. Fallen Gods is a fantasy game using a new principle we are calling Life Based games.

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The information and support site of Silver Unicorn Games. We are a small Indi game developing studio working on our own big project Fallen Gods.
Fallen Gods will be an MMO game working with a completely new concept we call a life-based game. For the moment we don't release any information about this new game concept for security reasons. We don't want other people to get benefits of our new concept before Fallen Gods will be playable.

Next, to our own game, we want to sell Unity scripts and graphics. This to get extra funding for our projects. We will release more information about our products on a later date.

The Silver Unicorn team